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Foundation Business and Investment Club

Following five years of extraordinary academic success for students enrolled in the South Dallas Education Center, in 2015 the S.M. Wright Foundation established an entrepreneur mentoring and financial management program to support youth and adults in the community. This program, now known as the Foundation Business and Investment Club, offers guidance and instruction on a wide range of financial topics, including balancing a check book, starting a family savings plan, and understanding interest rates and inflation. Participants can also learn about the stock market and entrepreneurship.

The club meets quartely and aims to help families in the community establish and implement successful business models. Upon completion of the program, participants have a working knowledge of financial management, understand the fundamentals of the American free enterprise system, and are prepared to explore the idea of owning their own business. The club’s overarching goal is to educate inner-city families about ways to pursue their dreams and excel financially.



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