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North Texas Furniture Bank

To many families living in poverty across North Texas, furniture is a luxury. After paying for food and shelter, there is rarely any discretionary money left, much less enough to pay for expensive items such as living room furniture, bed sets, and other household items. Many families live in homes with bare walls, no table for meals, no beds for sleeping, and no television for learning about the world outside their neighborhood.

The North Texas Furniture Bank was created in 2009 as a natural outgrowth of the South Dallas Resource Center. The program aims to help families create a comfortable living environment by providing them with furniture and other household items. The foundation hopes that the ability to make their homes more appealing will encourage families to stay together and work to achieve a stable future.

As with many services offered by the S.M. Wright Foundation, demand far exceeds supply. Every month, we receive more than 250 applications from families requesting furniture and household items. Applicants must meet the foundation’s qualification guidelines. Annually, we are able to assist approximately 4,000 families, but this depends on the flow of donations.


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